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"Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle." - Christian.D.Larson -

Experiencing any emotional discomfort can feel really difficult to manage, and without understanding why and how to resolve it, it can feel hopeless. We would work together, using your insight into what it's like being you, and by using my skills and knowledge in helping identifying where your issue stems from and why, as well as offering you suggestions and techniques, you would learn to understand and manage the discomfort until it's resolved. If you'd prefer, we could also use creative methods of communication such as writing and drawing/painting if this suits you better. In over 19 years of working as a Counsellor/Psychotherapist, I have helped over 3000 clients understand and work through anxiety, depression, stress, relationship difficulties, anger, eating issues, PTSD and Childhood Trauma to name a few.

You may not know the name of what you're struggling with, you just know you have uncomfortable symptoms you can't explain such as low mood, palpitations, worrying a lot, nightmares, regular uncomfortable memories for example. You may also be suffering with physical symptoms such as headaches, Chronic Fatigue (ME), Irritable Bowel or digestive issues. In my knowledge and experience, I have worked with clients whose bodies have also been affected by their emotional discomfort, so I would work with you taking into consideration the 'whole' of you, including your life experiences.

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