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Anxiety - Causes, Symptoms & How I Can Help You

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is our brain reacting normally to fear, and is a natural and rational primitive emotion that can protects us. A small amount of anxiety is normal, and if we know why we are worried/frightened, then we can manage it. It begins with a thought you have, then the brain reacts telling your heart to beat faster in response to the fear; either fight, flight (run) or freeze. Usually a person struggles with anxiety when they haven’t learnt how to rationalize and/or self-soothe so the fear turns irrational and affects them to a greater extent in a physical and emotional way.

How do I know I have Anxiety?

Usually, an anxiety sufferer avoids situations because of the worry about their physical responses. They often feel like they are ‘dying’ or have a serious illness, but this has been ruled out by their GP.

There are many symptoms of Anxiety;
•Heart racing
•Sweaty palms/feet
•Talking fast
•Feeling unsettled
•Sleep disturbance
•Shortness of breath
•Numbness or tingling

Can Anxiety be ‘Fixed’?

Anxiety can be managed, reduced and resolved by learning in your therapy when your anxiety began and what experiences caused it. By learning different ways of managing and coping with thoughts, along with some relaxation/stress relief/deep breathing techniques also learnt in your therapy, helps resolve the anxiety for good.

How to Manage Anxiety

As your therapist, I can help you look at your thoughts and behaviours as well teaching you some techniques to control your breathing. Along with you practicing these suggestions, it is best you avoid or limit those foods/drinks (stimulants) that create a reaction like Anxiety does; such as caffeine and alcohol. Once you have learnt to understand, manage and resolve your anxiety, you will be able to understand your physical reactions and have no need to avoid stimulants.

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